Bed bug control company in Kuwait

Bed bug control company in Kuwait

Bed bug control company in Kuwait

Bedbugs are one of the most common reptile insects that pose a lot of diseases and problems to the family, through their bites and blood sucking from humans and animals and transferring it from one person to another, which also causes severe itching and redness in the place and the appearance of spots on the hands or other places.


Therefore, when you see bed bugs in the place or in your home, you must combat them as soon as possible before they spread in the house and not control them.


Attention must be paid to the presence of any insect, knowing its shape, the insecticide for bedbugs that suits and helps in eliminating them, the method of using it, and working on spraying it to get rid of them.


It is difficult to determine the bite of bedbugs from other insects, which are:


strong itch

A dark red spot on the skin.

The spots are distributed in groups or flat.

It appears on the face, neck, arm or hands.



To eliminate bedbugs in many ways without the need for chemical pesticides, you can use them periodically and on specific methods that help you in that.


The most important of those methods that do not depend on chemical and dangerous pesticides that can cause problems for others are:


Take care to ventilate the house.

View bedding and portable furniture for the sun.

Always take care of the cleanliness of your pets.

Avoiding food leftovers and keeping it uncovered.

Washing laundry covers, upholstery and curtains with boiling water.

Dry toys and shoes well.

Using an insect suction device from the sides and furniture, and pouring it with garbage under the sun's rays.

High heat to get rid of bug eggs, or extreme cold.

Seal gaps and cracks in furniture and walls.

Use a mesh made of fine fibers and threads.

And other means that you can use on your own without fear of harming you or those around you.

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