Bed bugs damage and how to combat them in Kuwait, especially bed bugs and bed bug spraying companies in Kuwait

Bed bugs damage and how to combat them in Kuwait, especially bed bugs and bed bug spraying companies in Kuwait

Bedbugs are a parasitic organism, or in a more accurate sense, a parasite that feeds on human blood, which ranges in length from 1 to 2 millimeters and has very many types, which reach 35 thousand species in this, the rank within the distribution of sects and families for this insect.

And bedbugs have blood-sucking parts and thick and thick wings, and the presence of bugs in places where people and animals are, and they hide inside cracks in homes, as well as in used furniture, which may hide inside,

It also hides in the bodies of animals and birds, as well as it may move to the family and luggage, or from a country that may have been traveled to, one of the countries containing this insect.

This insect spreads very quickly, as soon as it enters the house, it lays eggs for five eggs per day and up to 200 eggs in the life cycle of this insect.

It also has the ability to spread quickly and does not go out for the process of absorbing blood or feeding itself except at night and not during the day because it is safer and less vulnerable to danger, and also when people are asleep, so she can practice her hobby, which is sucking blood from humans.

This insect has a life cycle consisting of three stages, the first is the process of eggs and the size of the egg is one millimeter and is characterized by the presence of a spot if more than five days have passed.

The second stage is freedom, and in this stage the size is between one and a half to four and a half millimeters and its shape is transparent or yellow mixed with white.

The last stage is the adult insect stage, with a size ranging from five to seven millimeters, and its shape is oval, similar to the soursaurus, but its size is less and its color is reddish-brown.

This insect feeds by piercing the human skin and sucking its blood. The duration of drawing blood ranges from five to ten minutes approximately, and it practices it, as we were told before, at night so that it can absorb blood without risks during sleep.

This insect is rarely active during the day, and that may be because it is hungry and needs more blood to suck it.

You can get rid of this insect in several ways, including:

Get rid of the heat by warmth. Hello. Put the luggage in which this insect is contained inside the clothes dryer and set it to a certain temperature, or put these clothes in the sun in distant places inside plastic bags so that they are killed and do not escape far.

It can also be sprayed with kerosene (jazz), which is very effective against this insect.

Or by refrigeration by placing the luggage containing this insect in the freezer at temperatures below 18 degrees below zero for four days.

Or through smoke after burning linen, for example, and distributing smoke in the house to expel this insect.

Or use companies to kill insects.

Or use chemical and non-chemical treatments, which can be obtained from pharmacies or agricultural societies.

Or the use of carbamates, which is very effective against bedbugs and more effective than pyrethroids and pyrethins.

Or use silicate, which you dry it, as it is a dried substance, and bugs are not able to resist this substance.

As we mentioned, pyrethroids and pyrethrins are two substances that eliminate bedbugs, as they affect the nervous system of this insect, but with the development, some insects have become immune to this substance.

After getting rid of the insect, several things must be taken into account, including:

Ensure that the house, clothes and luggage are very clean before and after entering the house, and wash them well.

Checking any recently purchased furniture or any bags when returning from travel, especially when returning from hot areas, forests, etc.

Exposing the house to the sun daily by opening the balconies of the house to expel these insects.

Seal cracks and gaps in the walls of the house, as well as behind pictures and accessories that are attached to the house well.

Care must be taken to keep pets and birds at home.

And not to spray toxic substances in places where children are in their reach.

You should also search well throughout the house for any possible places for the eggs of this insect

It hatched after fourteen days, which makes its eradication easier than before.

Among the most important damages of bedbugs:

Skin irritation as a result of this insect's tongue and allergic reactions.

Skin infections such as impetigo, eczema, and others.

And the lack of sleep due to language during sleep, which causes night insomnia due to the person’s fear of bites.

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