Cockroach control in Jahra Governorate

Cockroach control in Jahra Governorate

The cockroach is one of the harmful insects that cause many problems in homes and public and private institutions. The Jahra Governorate in the State of Kuwait is one of the areas that witness a large infestation of cockroaches, and it requires dealing with it with great care to limit its spread.


In order to combat cockroaches in Jahra Governorate, some necessary steps must be taken to help get rid of them, including:



1- Periodic cleaning: Care must be taken to clean the house and public and private institutions periodically, as cockroaches attract dirty and damp places, so they must be removed from the place by maintaining its cleanliness.


2- Ventilation: Windows and doors must be opened to allow air and natural light to pass into the place, as cockroaches prefer a dark and closed place.


3- Using sticky traps: sticky traps specially designed for cockroaches can be used, as these traps stick cockroaches as soon as they touch the trap.


4- Use of insecticides: Cockroaches can be used to eliminate cockroaches.


5- Repairing holes and cracks: Holes and cracks must be repaired in the home and in public and private institutions, as these holes are considered a suitable place for cockroaches to breed and spread.


Finally, be sure to perform these steps periodically


To reduce the spread of cockroaches in Jahra Governorate, some simple preventive measures can be followed that can help prevent their entry into homes and buildings, including:


1- Getting rid of food sources: leftovers and food left after meals must be disposed of in appropriate containers and kept away from dark and damp places.


2- Arranging the house: It is necessary to ensure that the house is clean and dry, and to remove unnecessary things accumulated in the house.


3- Repairing openings and holes: All holes and openings in buildings and homes must be repaired, so that air and insects do not enter through them.


4- Use of insecticides: Insecticides that are safe for humans and the environment can be used to kill cockroaches in homes and buildings.


5- Cleaning pipes: Pipes and water drains must be cleaned periodically to avoid the breeding of cockroaches and other insects in them.


6- Sustainability: Cockroaches can be eliminated in environmentally friendly ways such as natural methods such as trimming shrubs and trees around the house and improving the overall health of the internal and external environment.


In short, cockroach control in Jahra Governorate requires community awareness and the adoption of healthy and hygiene habits by individuals and families, in addition to the use of safe insecticides and correcting any sources of cockroach infestation in homes and buildings. Thus, a healthy and clean environment can be achieved

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