How to get rid of termites from home in kuwait

How to get rid of termites from home in kuwait

How to get rid of termites from home

Various insects can invade the house, but termites are the most harmfulTermites can easily penetrate the interior insulation, forming an entry point into the building if the insulated wall or floor is not a barrier for them.



How do you get rid of wood ants in the house?

Once you discover where the termites are hiding, it's time to get rid of them.

The power of the sun

Termites do not like light. If a piece of furniture gets infected, simply move it outside to sunbathe. Point the infested area toward the sun and turn the furniture over from time to time to get to the insects that are trying to hide.


This method of using beneficial nematodes is effective because it includes small worms that are the termites' sworn enemies. In fact, these tiny parasites use termite larvae to lay their eggs. Once infected, the larvae die upon hatching from the eggs, giving rise to thousands of other worms. And the cycle resumes itself until the entire colony dies, which is unable to reproduce. You can get these worms from specialized stores or on the Internet

poisoned wood

This trick is most effective for getting rid of an entire colony of termites.

1. Take a few pieces of wood and spray them with a specific insecticide to treat termites.

2. Use the soaked shards as bait by sticking them everywhere in the room to be processed.

Thanks to this method, once a few termites are infected, the rest of the colony is contaminated with poison.

Cardboard taste

This solution is often used by professionals when working in a home infested with termites.

1. Take several pieces of cardboard.

2. Soak them in water.

3. Spray insecticide.

4. Place them near endemic areas;

5. Collect the bait after 3 days, once the remaining termites are attracted;

6. Get rid of infested boxes away from home.

In fact, termites have a strong taste for organic cellulose, a compound used to make cardboard.

boric acid

Boric acid is a 100% natural product with a mineral basis that is used to prepare various home remedies. It has the ability to attract insects such as termites and cockroaches. To make it an effective insecticide:

1. Buy boric acid at a gardening store or supermarket. Avoid what is sold in pharmacies designated for medical use.

2. Take a small bowl to mix it in the boric acid, sugar and milk at the rate of 1 teaspoon each.

3. Mix this mixture to get a paste.

4. Distribute the obtained paste into plastic bottle caps.

5. Put the capsules in the place of the termite colony, and make sure that children cannot reach it.

6. Repeat the process every 3 weeks until the entire colony is eliminated.

the drawing

When termite infestation has not reached a critical level, simple brushing can be done. This method uses xylophene, a product widely available in craft stores. For this advice:

1. Wear protective equipment such as gloves and goggles.

2. Purchase the required amount of Xylofin along with the accessories needed to apply it: choose between brush, roller or sprayer.

3. Spray the product or apply it with a brush directly to the surfaces to be treated.

Plan on a budget of €100-800 depending on the extent of the parts to be treated. Always look at product packaging before purchasing in order to prefer products that respect the environment.

The ready trap

The ready-made termite trap is easy to use. It includes a molecule designed to attract termites in order to suffocate them. It does not represent any danger to humans, it can be placed in one or more rooms of the house or even outside. The different models that exist use more innovative systems than each other. For example, stores offer boxes filled with cellulose, the termite's favorite dish, and an active compound that prevents insects from molting. Once poisoned, an infected termite will infect the entire colony.

This solution requires a budget of 100 to 500 euros depending on the surface and parts to be treated. As long as the trap can capture a large number of termites, buy new species to replenish the treatment.

chemical method

It consists in eliminating termites by injecting chemicals directly into infested structures or furniture. Only a professional has the necessary skills to correctly perform this process, which consists of:

1. Make a complete diagnosis of the injury;

2. Stripping the walls

3. Probe structures as well as furniture;

4. Carry out a logging procedure that consists in removing all parts damaged by termites;

5. Dust to release the surfaces to be treated;

6. Injection of chemicals where infection is observed.

Depending on the extent of the damage, this process should be repeated every 2 to 5 years. Count between 100 to 3000 euros to benefit from this type of treatment.

"gas killer"

This is a radical evaporation method. This intervention should be carried out by a specialist.

1. Completely insulate the house to be treated under a large tarpaulin.

2. Release a pesticide based gas inside.

Thus, the entire termite colony will have to inhale this poisonous gas, which will kill it. The house will quickly get rid of these harmful insects.

Holes, walls and radiators: flying termite infestations

Termites are harmful insects that feed on wood little by little until all that is left is dust. These tiny creatures have the ability to reproduce quickly, and are the cause of great havoc. Getting rid of termites is still easy

It is not easy to detect the presence of termites in your home. To get rid of a termite infestation, you first need to know where they are hiding.

Small holes in plaster walls, stalactites, galleries or voids in the material can be signs of termites.

To perform a first check for these ant-like insects, here are the steps to follow:

• First identify the wet places in your home: the garden, the pool, around the taps,

• Check the thresholds of rooms with parquet floors or flush floors with ceilings and behind radiators

• Mark the places where there are small holes at regular intervals that mark the frame, the floor and all furniture made of wood.

• If the search turns up nothing, take a few pieces of wood planks that have not been treated against termites and put them all over the house: on the floor, in the basement, in the closet, or even near the baseboards. Damage to these pieces of wood after a week will reveal a colony of termites.

What preventative treatment against termites?

Once the home is rid of these harmful insects, it is essential to take precautions to avoid a new infestation by adopting a preventative treatment.


Here are some tips to avoid termite infestation:

• Remove moisture from your home, as termites need water to survive.

• Monitor water sources: Minimize any leakage that may come from the sprinkler system and external taps.

• Monitor the structure and conditioning of your home

• Avoid climbing plants that grow along the house: the consequences can lead to dangers to the structure of your home and thus facilitate access to termites

• Use termite-treated wood for your garden or walls to prevent termites

• Make sure that the foundations of your home are protected from termites and that they are not damaged

• Check closets regularly: clothes can also be a food source for termites, as they are made from textile products, such as cotton made from cellulose

• Wood treatment: remove all non-stick parts of the wood, using a putty knife, sucking the dust into the ribs and keel holes; Protect walls and ceiling with masking tape

• Use a repellent such as permethrin to repel termites or any other insecticide or termite product. This non-toxic product is mixed with wood varnish or paint, and then applied to previously infested surfaces.

Who Should Pay for Termite Treatment? treatment price

The price of the company's anti-termite treatment may vary according to the size of the insect colonies, detected by the DDT (Termite Diagnostic File). Depending on the degree of injury, this is usually the responsibility of the owner or the co-owner guild.

Treatment against termites is often required by the city council in the most polluted areas. If the diagnosis confirms the presence of termites, the landlord or co-owner guild must carry out eradication work. This work must be performed by the company of his choice.

Any termite insecticide product?

There are many products on the market that can help control termites. These are effective insecticides against cube rot, fibrous rot, insects containing xyylphos larvae, as well as termites. The company also uses other specific products.

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