Important tips to prevent infection from any of these insects in Kuwait

Important tips to prevent infection from any of these insects in Kuwait


Flies are considered one of the most widespread insects and are found everywhere as a result of many things, the most important of which are household hygiene, food residues, and others.

It also transmits diseases due to its presence in dirty places and its transmission to humans or animals.





Mice are among the rodents that pose the greatest danger to humans, which can lead to the death of the risk of diseases caused by these mice.


There are many forms and types of mice, each type differs from the other in terms of shape, methods of control, the places in which they are located, and others,

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There are many diseases transmitted by mice, the most important of which are:


The destruction of agricultural crops.

Destruction of stored grain.

The losses they cause in the houses from damage to wood and demolition of places.

Damage to clothing and furniture.

The many diseases that it transmits, which are:

food poisoning, typhoid, cholera, amoebic dysentery, meningitis, tapeworm,

Plague and many other diseases that can lead to death.



Important tips to prevent infection from any of these insects

Many people seek to provide a suitable and comfortable environment in your home that is free of annoying insects and rodents that cause many diseases and problems for humans and animals, so prevention is better than treatment. At the Kuwait Pest Control Company, we offer you important preventive tips:


Constant cleaning at home.

Garbage disposal.

Expose the house to ventilation and sun.

Store cereals and food in airtight containers.

Get rid of wet wood residues that attract insects.

Wash dishes and utensils in the kitchen before bed and take out the trash outside.

Seal gaps and cracks from roofs, roots, doors, windows, and more.

Get rid of wood and keep it away from the house.

Treating water leakage problems from inside the house or anywhere.

Get rid of moisture and standing water.

Cut tree branches and remove the wires adjacent to the roots of the house.

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