Pest Control Company in Kuwait: Smart Solutions for Eliminating Household Pests

Pest Control Company in Kuwait: Smart Solutions for Eliminating Household Pests

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Pest Control Company is the first company to introduce smart solutions and advanced scientific methods in combating household pests, which usually cause many problems and damages inside homes. 


In addition to their direct impact on human health, especially children, our company has focused on finding a permanent solution to these problems without any inconvenience or chaos. 


Simply by using the latest techniques in detecting the hiding spots of pests and identifying their routes, as well as the best imported pesticides. Contact us now without hesitation about the quality, precision of work, or prices because we rely on the most skilled specialized technicians in pest control.


Mubarak Al-Kabeer Pest Control Company


The spread of insects and rodents increases with rising temperatures and the onset of summer, especially in Arab countries, due to the high temperatures experienced for most months of the year. This leads to the emergence and escape of insects from their burrows and nests.


Insects account for about 50% of the proportion of living organisms on the earth's surface, with around a million species worldwide. Because we are well aware of the damage and danger posed by the appearance of insects in homes and among children, it was necessary to resort to the services of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Pest Control Company to eradicate these insects permanently.


Some of the dangers and damages caused by the presence of insects in homes include:


1. Most crawling and flying insects bite and sting the skin intensely, causing redness and severe itching.

2. Some insect bites and rodent bites can cause a rise in body temperature, indicating the person's infection with a virus.

3. White ants and termites can cause building collapse and rapid damage to concrete material.

4. Rodents can damage electrical wires, textiles, and books.

5. Insects and bugs can cause digestive system diseases due to their passage over exposed foods in the kitchen.


Best Mubarak Al-Kabeer Pest Control Company


It is worth mentioning that Mubarak Al-Kabeer Pest Control Company will not be satisfied with providing pest control services alone, but has endeavored with all its efforts to acquire more skills and improve work efficiency to ensure customer trust and resort to it at all times. 


The company has been distinguished by many factors that make it the best choice for customers, balancing the level of work quality and the prices offered for the service, meeting the needs and requirements of the customer to the fullest extent. 


Some of the company's distinguishing features include:


- Relying on the latest spraying techniques and detecting the routes of pests and rodents in homes and all residential and commercial units.

- Using the best and highest quality types of pesticides and serums, American and German, to ensure the killing and eradication of insect eggs, whatever their type, whether flying or crawling, small or large.

- All the pesticides and sanitizing and other cleaning materials we use are licensed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, very safe for human health, and there is no need to leave the place when using them.

- Availability of many training courses to create a professional and trained work team in all spraying and final eradication works, in a way that ensures customer satisfaction and trust.


Mubarak Al-Kabeer Pest Control Company provides all kinds of pest control services, including:


- Cockroach control

- Termite control

- Bed bug control

- Rat control

- Lizard control

- Mosquito control

- Scorpion control

- Ant control

- Fly control

- Flea control


Our team understands the importance of planning in pest eradication. We have branches throughout Kuwait, including:


- East Kuwait Pest Control Company

- Salmiya Pest Control Company

- Hawalli Pest Control Company

- Farwaniya Pest Control Company


Methods of Pest Control in Mubarak Al-Kabeer


The method or approach used in pest control varies depending on the type of pest to be sprayed and eliminated, as well as the quantity of pests in one place. The larger the quantity of pests, the more it requires a stronger pesticide with greater effectiveness, speed of action, and long-term effect. Therefore, we have various methods, but we provide all of them to meet the customer's need and demand.


We have safe liquid pesticides that are completely safe for human health, as they are odorless and colorless.


We have gaseous and foggy pesticides according to the method used in pest eradication.


We provide soft solid dough for controlling kitchen cockroaches.


We provide American sticky tape and gel as a highly effective means of getting rid of insects, rodents, and lizards.


We provide iron and plastic traps for catching rodents, wet cardboard traps for catching white ants.

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