some tips for adequately dealing with some insects that can bother you

some tips for adequately dealing with some insects that can bother you

How do we fight insects that bother us?

Insects contribute to the biodiversity of our environment, but they can sometimes represent major drawbacks when they are in your gardens, on public property or inside your home. Here are some tips for adequately dealing with some insects that can bother you.


External lesions

wasps or hornets nest

In the spring and summer, you may encounter a wasp or wasp nest. Above all, do not approach them and call:


Public Domain: City Technical Services

In the private field: to a pest control company

swarm of bees

When you are in the presence of a swarm of bees, do not panic. Often it will go away again before evening or on the following days. At the beginning of swarming, the swarm is not aggressive. On the other hand, when it is installed for several days, the bees defend their territory and do not dare to drive them away, then you have to contact the beekeeper.

Depending on where the swarm is


In the public domain: technical services of the city

In the private field: the beekeeper by searching for his contact details in the yellow pages.

> Please note that the fire brigade no longer interferes with wasp and hornet nests or bee swarms unless there is a confirmed, serious and immediate danger.


tiger mosquito

The tiger mosquito, a tropical mosquito recognizable by its black and gray stripes on its body and legs, evolves like other mosquitoes in stagnant water, but it can also carry diseases such as dengue or chikungunya. Thus, although the "tiger mosquitoes" found in the Val-de-Marne are not carriers of these viruses, the department remains vigilant about their presence and spread.


You can also participate in tiger mosquito monitoring by reporting its presence to mosquito control operators via the National Reporting Portal...


internal pests

Some insects can be particularly harmful through their spread, bites, or the deterioration of your environment. Here are some useful information or some tips to eliminate them.


cockroaches and cockroaches

Cockroach or cockroach, no difference, it's the same insect!

Cockroaches and crickets generally resort to dark, damp corners to come out at nightfall and feed on food scraps.

They can be real pests because they multiply so quickly, they can contaminate your food and transmit disease germs.


Accordingly, as soon as a cockroach is found in the house, immediate action must be taken.

First of all, you should clean your kitchen well, store dry food in airtight jars, and be careful not to leave leftovers lying around.

At first, if only your house is affected, you can try to get rid of it with commercial insecticides. If the treatments prove to be ineffective, you will need to contact the services of a specialized company.


If the injury is more serious and affects the entire building, you must notify the landlord or joint property trustee. It will include a pest control company that deals with the common areas and private areas of the building.


bed bugs

Often unintentionally moved, bed bugs take shelter in dark and warm places such as box springs, upholstery, under carpets ... It is very difficult to eradicate them and in most cases the inhabitant is obliged to contact a specialist (disinfection company) because commercially the products are often ineffective.



Insects and termites are boring

Wood boring bugs are insects that degrade wood and cellulose-containing materials and can attack your home's frame, flooring, or baseboards. The most famous of them are beetles, beetles and lectus, but termites are the most feared.


If you suspect the presence of these insects in your habitat (hollow wood, tunnels dug into the wood, etc.), you should immediately call experienced specialists to make a diagnosis and begin treatment operations.

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