Termite control in Kuwait

Termite control in Kuwait

Termite control in Kuwait

To get the best insecticide for termites, contact us at the Kuwait Insect and Rodent Control Company and all insects and termites to give you the necessary information and the correct ways to get rid of ants in all its forms and types and inform them of the things you will do to keep everyone safe.


The process must be carried out by an expert technician in the pest control process, especially if you have a garden or an area next to your house that contains roses and a beautiful place of plants because it is more present in these places, or through you to know in advance the method of use and preparation for each pesticide to avoid a problem The danger that results from the wrong use of the control process.


There are many pesticides available that eliminate ants, including:


Termidor SC Termiticide by Termidor.

Ortho Home Defense MAX Termite and Destructive Bug Killer Concentrate.

Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes.

Taurus SC.

Termidor Foam.

There are many natural ingredients and herbs that help get rid of ants and are free of chemicals, which are inexpensive to prepare, namely:



baby powder.

Vinegar or lemon spray.

Concentrated oils.

Soaked orange or cucumber peels.

Spices and herbs soaked.

The best insecticide for termites by providing baits to them to avoid the effects and problems that can result from chemical pesticides, which can be placed anywhere in the house or otherwise.


The bait should be in the form of granules, lumps, jelly, or liquids.

Use of gel bait.

Put the bait near the places where the ants are.

Putting gels in cracks and places where ants may be present.

Diversity of pesticide components used in the bait.

There are many concerns for the use of pesticides that do not contain labels that indicate the functions and method of using the pesticide and the results it leaves behind, so it is necessary to be careful and follow prevention methods and make sure that the pesticide you want to use is original and licensed by the Ministry of Health and has many positive results that do not cause any harm on a person or animal.


Hiring our technician, makes it easier for you to do many of the procedures and tasks that you want to perform, because it uses the necessary and advanced devices and tools at work to ensure the quality and performance of the task completely and quickly.


Our services are characterized by many things. Our prices are cheap and symbolic, which everyone can appreciate, so that they compete and suit all social and family classes and levels.

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