Termites can cause costly damage in kuwait

Termites can cause costly damage in kuwait

Termites with large jaws and strong legs for commercial termite removal services.Commercial termite extermination


Termites are insects that live in colonies. They are usually found in the ground or in wood and feed on cellulose from wood or woody by-products, such as paper or cardboard. Left unchecked, termite infestations can quickly damage the structure of your facilities.




Our termite removal program helps eliminate existing colonies and prevent future termite attacks.


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The White Termite


Termites can cause costly damage


 There are two types of termites known as dry wood ants and subterranean termites. As its name suggests, dry wood ants live in dry wood, like lumber, and in unprotected buildings. Any contact between wood and ground is a potential site of entry. Subterranean termites require moist environments and thus damage foundations, timber structural members and decaying timber. Often hidden, they can remain undetected until signs of significant damage appear.




Our termite removal program eradicates existing colonies and prevents future termite infestations. Experienced commercial termite removal professionals will thoroughly inspect your facility for signs of termite damage, then apply a liquid treatment to effectively kill termites. Regular monitoring and commercial termite removal services will detect any new termite activity.




Our commercial termite removal program includes:




Consultation and on-site inspection to determine termite damage


Liquid treatments to ensure the speed of work and prevent return


Continuous monitoring to detect termite activity in the early stages


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Our comprehensive termite and pest control program combines an outside-in pest control approach with on-site consulting, data-driven reporting, 24/7 customer service and educational tools to educate employees on ways to prevent pests from being present.




When you collaborate with commercial pest and termite control experts, you can be sure that you will benefit from innovative, science-based solutions that keep your customers and employees safe, while protecting your organization from pests.




Termite Facts:


Each year, the damage caused by termites exceeds that of fires, storms and earthquakes combined

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