What types of insects are common in homes, whether they are crawling or flying

What types of insects are common in homes, whether they are crawling or flying

What types of insects are common in homes, whether they are crawling or flying...?

There are many insects that pose a danger to humans and their presence leads to a negative impact on the person or the place, where insects constitute 90% and more of the living organisms that exist on the earth,

Of which there are many types and different shapes, each insect differs from the other in terms of shape, type, damage or others, which the Kuwait Pest Control Company completely exterminates.


Where these insects infect homes largely, the most important of these insects are the following:



Cockroaches are considered one of the insects that spread in most homes and places that many suffer from and cause panic and fear for women, children and those at home because of their ugliness and the places they come out of and others.


There are many different forms and types of cockroaches whose presence varies from one place to another, the most important of which are the following:


German cockroach: It is one of the most common cockroaches, and it has longitudinal brown lines that help it sense.

Also, the oriental cockroach: It is larger than the German cockroach and lives for a long period of up to two years. It prefers to live in the dark far from the lights.

The male can be known from the female by the length of the wings.

American cockroach: It is larger than other cockroaches and can live for two years and has the ability to fly.

The damage caused by cockroaches...


Cockroaches cause many damages that reach the spread of diseases and others, the most important of which are the following:


Food Contamination.

Transmission of infections and diseases.

Cockroach bites.

attack the body.

food poisoning;



the plague.


leprosy tuberculosis;


Diphtheria dysentery.

Cholera polio.



The White Termite

The Kuwait Pest Control Company has special ways in which we have been working in the markets for a long time.

Many testify to our service for our achievements on the ground in combating all types and forms of ants from homes, farms, residential complexes or any other place.


The method of eliminating termites needs prior knowledge of the steps to be followed and in stages, which is to first get rid of their eggs and the traces left behind,

Then it is targeted directly to get rid of it and ensure that it does not return to the same place again, so that we guarantee that work.


Termites have many forms, each type differs from the other in terms of food and places of living in which they lie, including termites that want to live in wet wood in homes or nearby places of homes,

Therefore, stagnant or wet water in the place must be drained because it brings ants and has the appropriate food for them.


Damage caused by termites


There are a lot of damage left by termites, whether on humans or animals, in the house, soil, furniture, or others,

Termites can destroy any place by eating the wood, which they consider to be food for them, which leads to breakage or damage to the wood and its fall.


Ants can be observed through the following most important signs:


Whether for windows, doors, furniture, and more, your logs are damaged and eaten at home.

The presence of dirt and dust in the place, especially under the carpet, the corners of the room, etc.

Damaged wires and cut without any reason, as well as cardboard and books.

Her own sounds as she works eating wood or furniture in the house at night.

As for agricultural lands, there are a lot of damages they cause in agriculture to help lose fertility and production to affect agricultural crops.


Where termites are classified as dangerous insects because they affect agriculture, the home, or any place.



Mosquitoes are small insects that are found in many homes and cannot be easily resisted due to the eggs they leave behind.

There are pesticides that help to eliminate them, and you must be familiar with them to use and dispose of them also through the Kuwait Pest Control Company.


You must follow the prevention methods that protect you from these insects when eliminating them, so that you do not fall into the same problem,

Mosquitoes suck human and animal blood and transmit blood, which leads to disease or the spread of dangerous viruses.

They can multiply very quickly, so a specialized company should be used to carry out the control process quickly.


The most important ways to prevent mosquitoes:


Through the use of natural home methods that help prevent mosquitoes, represented by (essential oils) that help to expel mosquitoes from the smell left by those oils, such as: lavender oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil.


bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that cause problems when they are in the house, especially in upholstery, bags, etc.,

Where these insects are active in the dark and also bite humans, which leads to great discomfort and disability in daily life.


Also the damage caused by this insect is its eggs, which cannot be seen with the naked eye,

Therefore, the best pest control company and home rodents in Kuwait should be used to get rid of them through the use of special pesticides against them.


Bed bug infestation methods:


Residential apartments.


on furniture and curtains.

on the pillow.

under the bed or its own legs.

In electrical outlets and switches.

On cracks in the wall.

behind the hanging paintings.

deserted places.


Military barracks.

places of refuge.

And other similar places.

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